Looks like I didn't win, Trump did.  Although I really wanted it for myself.

Seems like Barack and Michelle are going to jail along with Hillary  and Chelsea, Darwin Williams, Sarah Williams, Augustine Sharp, Beatrice Thomas and Charles Idemudia, Sr.
My electoral college. All of the college members and the alternates from coast to coast and border to border.  All 623 of you guys, from the 1 st one who signed in Kentucky to the ones who signed on 11-7-16 in DC.

Thank You.
Cherunda Fox 

Let Our Hands Help Yor Hands Build The America That You Want.  We Have The Drive, Determination and the Intelligence and Perservance To Help Make Your Dreams Come True In America.  We Came Through 28 Years Of Genocide On     American Soil .                  It                 Actually Happened To Us. 
 We Made It.  
We Can Help You Make It, Too. Don't Waste Your Vote.

Use Your Hands To Write-In My Name On Your Ballot on November 8th, 2016, So We Can Get Started.

Cherunda Fox
Fox for President 2016
    Let Our Hands Help Your Hands Build The Life You Dream Of In America.  With Our Intellect, Drive And Determination We Can Achieve A Safer, Stronger, Prosperous America.  It Happened To Us.   We Came Through 28 Years Of Genocide On American Soil.   There is Nothing That We Can't Do.  Let Us  Help You Achieve Your Dreams In This Lifetime.  
 Use Your Hands To Write My Name In on Your Ballot,  So We Can Get Started.

Cherunda Fox
Fox for President 2016


A brighter future for all Americans is just around the bend...The Fox Administration.

          The videos on the left were suggested by my California electoral voters.
          These videos show the reason Malia was not allowed in college, this week, with her class of 2020.   Also, the reason Hillary didn't go to prison, including white people indicting her on racism.

         The videos on the right  and near bottom are my favorite-dancing, with tutorials.  Florida people who bbq have to actually keep the smoke on their property.  I just added 23 ways to die in America if you are black for no reason.  

My favorite proper mindset inspirational videos are: 

About Me
          I am running for the 45th President of the United States of America.   I am a Independent.  I already have 200 electoral votes.   I am 54, African American and American Indian.  I have 19 Years of education.  I have a Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice.  I worked on my Masters in Criminal Justice and I attended Cooley and Wayne State University Law School.   With my children we have 109 years of education to devote to solving the problems of America. My parents were Margaret and Howard Fox.  My mother died when I was 8,  on 4-20-1970.   My father abandoned me when I was 11,       on 1-11-1973, he died 33 years,  10 months  later on 11-11-2006.  He never made his wife Romestine Looney-Fox take care of us.  They were in agreement on that.  She cared for her ganddaughters instead.  We never lived together again as parent and child.   I raised myself.  I graduated from high school in 2 1/2 years when I was 16, enrolled myself in college and found a full-time job  at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Michigan within a week of graduation.  I am retired from the State of Michigan.  I was hired at 18,  in 1980.  I was a Protective Services Worker, who protected  and repaired the damage of children from abusive situations forced on them through no fault of their own.  
         The economy was given to me  due to the treason, genocide and traitors welcomed on American soil by the Bush's (Republicans) and Clinton's (Democrats) due to my divorce 4-8-88. I released 2 Trillion in 2009, it didn't move the economy at all. The only people who had money were the banks.  I was approved for a loan, but it wasn't funded.                          Which means the banks had money, but they weren't sharing.   I couldn't put anymore in.  Barack doesn't have a reputation for honesty.  I've never met him.
         I released  4 Trillion  in October 2014 when I announced my Presidential candidacy.  The current economic recovery is due to me.  Still, it is not enough.  I believe we can do better.
         Reparations as a National Economic program will get all Americans the economic prosperity we deserve. 
         I am so grateful that I have a reputation for honesty,  trustworthiness and putting the American voter 1st.
         I am the only one who knows what happened. I am the only one that can fix it.  
         I must  actually do the job of the President myself.   The power and prestige associated with the Office of the President makes the people I pick drunk on power, they are ungrateful and forgetful of the reason they are there.   That's why it's been 28 years. 28 YEARS!!!  I have to do the job myself if I want it ever to get done. 
         We will make history on several fronts.  Write My Name In.  Thank You In advance.
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  1. General Election is November 8, 2016.
    Coming To Your State Soon
    In search of 76 electoral college votes, then I win. I predict I will have more than 435 electoral college votes by election day. Thanks America.
    Electoral Colleges Meet in Your State Capital the 1st Monday after the 2nd Wednesday In December
  2. Dec 19, 2016
    Electoral College
    State Capitols Presidential Vote Day
    Thanks Again